March 27, 2023

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NY Drinking Water Facilities Serious Violators List

8,267 Drinking Water Facilities permitted in NYS

Enforcement Priority [Serious Violator]

- indicates a public water system with unresolved serious, multiple, and/or continuing violations that is designated as a priority candidate for formal enforcement, as directed by EPA's Drinking Water Enforcement Response Policy. 

The following information gathered from federal EPA pertains to the quarter ending Sept 30, 2022 (data last refreshed on EPA database Jan 11, 2023)

Alfred- Almond CS – Concession Stand, pop 30 (Allegany)

All Island Cleaning Services, pop 60 (Suffolk)

Americana Vineyards, pop 25 (Seneca)

Anchor Inn and Marina, pop 25 (Schuyler)

Andover Village Public Water*, pop 1130 (Allegany)

Arnot Forest*, pop 25 (Schuyler)

Arrow Park NCWS*, pop 40 (Orange)

Avon Town WD*, pop 3000 (Livingston)

Belmont Village Public Water*, pop 2400 (Allegany)

Bethlehem Water District 1*, pop 31, 000 (Albany)

Bristol Water District 1*, pop 203 (Ontario)

Buffalo Hill Village Campground*, pop 360 (Wyoming)

Camila’s Pizzeria and Restaurant*, pop 40 (Orange)

Canandaigua – Farmington Consolidated Water District*, pop 13,000 (Ontario)

Cayuga Lake Creamery*, pop 25 (Seneca)

Chaffee Water Co, pop 200 (Erie)

Checkers Out Speedway, pop 42 (Montgomery)

Cheerful Valley Campground, pop 108 (Ontario)

Circle Drive Park, LLC*, pop 55 (Steuben)

Cobble Pond Farms*, pop 27 (Dutchess)

Cobleskill Water District, pop 500 (Schoharie)

Country Convenience (Kapis – Goshen), 124 (Orange)

Creekside Pub, pop 30 (Orange)

Cyrus Russell Community*, pop 50 (Westchester)

David L Bean Property, pop 32 (Duchess)

Domaine Lesseure*, pop 25 (Steuben)

El Habanero*, pop 25 (Orange)

El Patron, pop 80 (Orange)

Fair Oaks Mobil Mart, pop 300 (Orange)

Family Night Pizza*, pop 25 (Chautauqua)

Fleur de Lis Brewing Company*, pop 25 (Seneca)

FLX Country Stop*, pop 25 (Seneca)

Fonda (V) Waterworks, pop 1080 (Montgomery)

Goodes Market, pop 100 (Erie)

Graze Dining Services, pop 70 (Orange)

Green Acres Mobile Home Park, pop 55 (Albany)

Herkimer Village, pop 7606 (Herkimer)

Highland Falls Village, population 5400 (Orange)

Hillside Mobile Home Park, 65 (Steuben)

Hindu Swayamsevaksangh-USA (HSS), pop (25) (Allegany)

Holland Willows Restaurant, pop 140 (Erie)

Hounsfield Water District 2, pop 725 (Jefferson)

Iron Forge Inn, pop 50 (Orange)

Izzys Apartments, pop 28 (Jefferson)

Just One More*, pop 90 (Allegany)

Keg and Barrel Brewing Company*, pop 60 (Steuben)

Keuka Lake Vineyards*, pop 25 (Steuben)

Klein Cutlery, LLC pop 52 (Allegany)

Knoxville Park, pop 60 (Albany)

Lakeview Mini Mart, pop 25 (Steuben)

Lamoreaux Landing Winery*, pop 25 (Seneca)

The Last Lap*, pop 25 (Steuben)

Latvian American Disabled Vets Center ROTA*, pop 62 (Greene)

Long Island Game Farm, pop 200 (Suffolk)

Manchester Central Water District*, pop 1000 (Ontario)

Mapletree Apartments, pop 30 (Albany)

Millar Road, LLC*, pop 25 (Albany)

Monarca Cantina*, pop 75 (Orange)

Mountainview Meadow Mobile Home Park*, pop 140 (Sullivan)

Mt. Orange Trailer Park, pop 30 (Orange)

Northern Lights Candles*, pop 75 (Allegany)

Oakland Valley Race Park*, pop 30 (Orange)

Ochs Orchard*, pop 25 (Orange)

Old Farm Hill Water District, population 1768 (Westchester)

Onondaga Nation Water System, population 1000 (Oswego)

Party Beverages, pop 50 (Orange)

Pasarella Pizzeria Inc, pop 25 (Oswego)

Pine Grove Mobile Home Park, pop 340 (Orange)

Preet Bar and Grill, pop 48 (Orange)

PWI, Inc.*, pop 40 (Allegany)

Quick Mart II, pop 300 (Orange)

Ravines Wine Cellars*, pop 25 (Steuben)

Rensselaerville Water District, pop 300 (Albany)

Seagers Mobile Home Park, pop 42 (Steuben)

Sleepy Hollow Golf and Country Club*, pop 120 (Oneida)

Snell Farms Childrens Center*, pop 128 (Steuben)

Spruceton Inn*, pop 40 (Greene)

The Farm Store at Willow Brook*, pop 50 (Dutchess)

The Sponsors Corner*, pop 30 (Orange)

Thorpes Organic Family Farm*, pop 25 (Erie)

Town & Country Meat and Cheese*, pop 5 (Montgomery)

Tre Angelina Restaurant, pop 25 (Orange)

Twin Rivers Lyonsdale*, pop 25 (Lewis)

Valhalla Cafe*, pop 25 (Schuyler)

Village Park Apartments, population 500 (Dutchess)

Wells College, pop 400 (Cayuga)

Westtown Plaza, pop 35 (Orange)

Whitesville Water District*, pop 475 (Allegany)

Willow Pond*, pop 25 (Greene)

Wilna T Water District 1, pop 240 (Jefferson)

Zider Zee, pop 100 (Erie)


*denotes a new listing in the most recent reporting period, to Sep 30, 2022

The following drinking water facilities have been removed from the significant violations list:

Cobleskill Water District, population 500 (Mohawk River Watershed, Schoharie)

Lowville Village, population 4000 (Lewis)

Middle Island Country Club, population 1000 (Atlantic/LIS Watershed, Suffolk)

Pamelia Town Water System, population 1000 (Jefferson)

Poestenkill Water District#1, population 752 (Rensselaer)

Tarrytown Water Supply, population 11,000 (Westchester)

Watertown Town Water District 3 & D, population 750 (Black River Watershed)

Westchester County Water District #3, population 6000 (Westchester)

Blue Mingo Grill*, pop 40 (Otsego)

Budget Inn* (in Oneonta), pop 33 (Otsego)

Catskill Village, pop 8500 (Greene)

Hidden Inn Trailer Park*, pop 35 (Steuben)

Hume Sandford Water Supply*, pop 75 (Allegany)

McCarthy Ranch Campground*, pop 30 (Allegany)

Mirabito #69 Tim Hortons/Subway, pop 25 (Otsego)

Peru Rod & Gun Club*, pop 200 (Clinton)

Red Maple Lane*, pop 33 (Greene)

Sidney Golf and Country Club*, pop 50 (Delaware)

Toms Tavern II*, pop 75 (Montgomery)

Tooties IV*, pop 100 (Orange)

*Note that drinking water information provided on this site is aggregated from the federal EPA database, state resources and local government sources where available.

EPA publishes violation and enforcement data quarterly, based on the inspection reports of the previous quarter.  Water systems, states and EPA take up to three months to verify this data is accurate and complete.

Specific questions about your local water supply should be directed to the facility.

The EPA safe drinking water facilities data available to the public presents what is known to the government based upon the most recently available information for more than one million regulated facilities. EPA and states inspect a percentage of facilities each year, but many facilities, particularly smaller ones, may not have received a recent inspection. It is possible that facilities do have violations that have not yet been discovered, thus are shown as compliant in the system.

EPA cannot positively state that facilities without violations shown in ECHO are necessarily fully compliant with environmental laws. Additionally, some violations at smaller facilities do not need to be reported from the states to EPA. If ECHO shows a recent inspection and the facility is shown with no violations identified, users of the ECHO site can be more confident that the facility is in compliance with federal programs.

The compliance status of smaller facilities that have not had recent inspections or review by EPA or the states may be unknown or only available via state data systems.

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