June 22, 2021

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Water news as it happens!


First low orbit launch site in Canada. Lift-off 2023!
Interview with Steve Matier, CEO and Spaceport Developer, Maritime Launch Services

Environment-friendly commercial aviation that requires no roads or airports
Interview with Mark Dorey, CEO Straightline Aviation


With the Flow
NYS Watershed Report for the Week of June 14-20 Long Island Sound Water Quality improving
Previous Report


Corporations are responsible for cleaning up their industrial mess but should they set the standards?
If responsible sources of contamination pay for and conduct the remediation it allows the responsible party to target the absolute minimum in terms of cleanup. Akwasasne Part 2. (PCBs).


World's lakes are in hot water – threatening rare wildlife
"Lakes and rivers occupy just 1% of the Earth’s surface but are incredible hotspots for biodiversity, sheltering 10% of all species globally.
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TODAY Watersheds Toxic Algae Counties Nine Nations Investigative


WATERSHEDS Complete data on NY watersheds, including population, rivers, streams, reservoirs, regulators and community water systems. Click on links below.

Watershed Basics   All Regions   Northwest    Southwest   Central   Northeast

The Health of Water

Planting a healing forest in Yakama Nation Correctional Facility (WA)
The project's goal is to fight climate change, restore bio-diversity and recharge the water table, while transforming lives ➤

The natural energy of water
Two men, from two cultures and countries, looking to change the narrative around water to what nature intended. ➤



Columbia physicist says forethought saved NYC billions in wake of Sandy

Dr. Klaus Jacob on his experience of Sandy, how we should adapt to sea level rise, and the dire consequences if we don't.

Bill to ban wind turbines on freshwater lakes in NY

Senator Borello's Bill establishes a moratorium on permanent or semi-permanent wind turbines.


How Mega Corps contaminated community's land and water since 1903
The contaminants left behind by General Motors, Alcoa and Reynolds impact Akweswasne's water, wildlife and people to this day. Akwasasne Part 1.

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