January 29, 2022

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With the Flow
Watershed report for week of Jan 24-30, 2022.
Most river flows are normal, many are ice affected

Previous Reports

Interview with with Riverkeeper Program Director, Dan Shapley
On the 50th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act, reacting to the Draft 2020-2022 Impaired Waters List

Impaired Waters: Review and Comment
The public is invited to comment on the biennial process of identifying water bodies that are not meeting minimum water quality standards or best uses.

PFAS Brief
The NYSDOH Drinking Water Quality Council met on Dec 22 to discuss emerging contaminants of concern

New water-filtering method could curb a disease that affects millions Technology developed at Tufts University, MA, promises safer drinking water and improved environmental remediation

An interview with Diane Galusha, Author of Liquid Assets - A History of New York City’s Water System

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Complete data on NY watersheds, including population, rivers, streams, reservoirs, regulators and community water systems. Click on links below.

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INFRASTRUCTURE - A look at New York infrastructure by the numbers


Deaths linked to ‘Hormone Disruptor’ chemical cost billions in lost U.S. productivity.

Leave it to beavers to restore ecosystem health

Hydration is not just about drinking enough water

The Health of Water - Archives



Clean Sailing with Emission-Free Cargo Ships
Eliminating fossil fuels from the maritime sector is achievable by using advanced technology and simple techniques. WT Interview with CEO of SailCargo Inc.

The world is going electric
Electric Ferries Launch at the Port of Kingston, ON.
WT Interview VP Guillaume Clement, Vice-president,Energy Storage Solution, e-Marine, Leclanché Storage Solutions

The USGS Network of Streamflow Monitors: A 24/7 Flood Warning System
Interview with Thomas Harris, Chief, Hydrologic Networks USGS, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Water Science Centre.

NET ENERGY ZERO Fair Trade Coffee shipped by Schooner in 2023.
WT Interview with Serge Picard, Café William, a Canadian and America coffee bean importer.
Canadian Cleantech company launches IPO on the TSX
Forward Water Technologies can extract clean water out of extraordinarily salty solutions, and on spontaneous low energy input.
First low orbit launch site in Canada. Lift-off 2023!
Interview with Steve Matier, CEO and Spaceport Developer, Maritime Launch Services
NASA spin-off aims to clean the world's contaminated soil, sediment and groundwater, forever
Interview with Ian Doromal, co-founder of ecoSpears, on the green technologies his company has developed for remediation
Environment-friendly commercial aviation that requires no roads or airports
Interview with Mark Dorey, CEO Straightline Aviation

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