September 29, 2023

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FLOW ALERTS: Imminent risk of flood or active flooding

WTNY has been tagging our map with streamflow levels over the 90th percentile, including flows much above normal and high, much below normal and low. As we bring on our new SMS alerts system, the focus has shifted to 99th percentile flows, alerting subscribers to imminent risk of flooding or verified, active flooding. Low flow alerts will be made for extreme low flow events associated with drought stress. 90th percentile flows much above and much below normal will no longer show on our map.

For those looking for current streamflow rates below the 99th percentile, these can be found at USGS Waterwatch online data portal
Select Current Streamflow from the left side menu, select New York in the center drop down menu.

Here you will find rated and unrated flow monitors throughout the state. Rated monitoring sites are color-coded orange, red and yellow indicating low, much below and below the historical average flow volume for that specific day over many years of observation. Green and bluegreen indicate normal and above normal flow volume, with the blue and black indicating much above normal and high flow rates, above the 90th percentile.

Click on a specific location tag to open the detail window for that monitoring station.
Here you will read the station name and ID number, the upstream area in square miles drained by the particular river or creek to that location. You will read the flow volume given in cubic feet per second, and the depth (gage) of the water at the monitoring station. An important piece of information given for some stations is the flood stage. This indicates the depth at which the channel will overflow. Action stage is the point at which alerts are sent out, warning subscribers of imminent risk of flooding.

A blue tag on the WTNY map still indicates high flow, now reserved for sites flowing above the 99th percentile, whether flood stage is documented or not.
The black tag is reserved for stations actively flowing above flood stage. Additional information supporting flow alert tags appears when you click the Flood button to the right of the map.
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