November 27, 2022

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WTNY is an affiliate of WT @

Launched in 2016, WT is a Canada-wide independent media dedicated to water.

Over the years, WT has earned the trust of its viewers, members, and advertisers; and built the only national water advisory database in Canada.

Yet, the picture remains incomplete.

As water knows no borders and Canada the U.S. and Mexico share several watersheds, it was only natural to look to our southern neighbors to expand our knowledge base.

As our first beachhead in the U.S., New York state is a given.

It shares the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River and the Lake Champlain-Richelieu River watersheds with Canada and most of the same issues: contamination, algae invasion, disappearing wetlands and coastline erosion.

Our WTNY team will apply the same rigorous standards of journalism and provide the same trustable information to New Yorkers as WT did to Canadians. Maps on WTNY form the backbone of our coverage. We invite you to download and share them. Our thanks to Daniel at FreeWorld Maps for his help in creating them.

Watertoday media brings you:

Great interactive maps

Trustworthy research

In-depth interviews

Once WTNY beachhead is established, our next step is to add more sister medias in states along our path south and west.

We are developing Ohio and Georgia

WT and its affiliates are part of the American Water Trust

Already plagued by decades of mismanagement, our water is now threatened by climate change. Time is running out. Knowledge is power. If we know the problems we can find the solutions.

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