July 3, 2022

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The Health of Water

The natural energy of water

By Suzanne Forcese

Our most valuable resource – water -shapes our landscapes and carries the templates of all life on Earth. Access to clean water also heads the list of our basic human rights.

However, the mismanagement of water has communities literally fighting for their lives and livelihoods.

A passionate understanding of water’s regenerative properties has connected two entrepreneurs, two cultures, and two countries as they merge science with biomimetics in a partnership to revitalize water for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities of North America.

WTNY reached out to Trever Andrew and Jonathan Butts.

Trever Andrew, member of the Secwepemc (Schuswap) Nation in Adams Lake, British Columbia, Canada is an award-winning water/wastewater expert and operator who created Sewllkwe (pronounced sell-kwa) Book.

Sewllkwe means “Water” in the original language of the Secwepemc in British Columbia. “I designed Sewllkwe to end all water issues for all walks of life. We take Sewllkwe seriously because water is our way of life.”

The user-friendly, cloud-based, fully customizable application covers all aspects of managing water/wastewater systems, the effects of climate events, and data directly from a phone, tablet or other mobile device. Solutions are provided in real time –time that could save lives.

Jonathan Butts is CEO of USA based start-up Natural Action Technologies.

Natural Action Technologies has an engineering core staff familiar with conventional engineering practices, as well as years of experience using implosion technologies and other biomimicry solutions to guide their work.

The biomimetics of Natural Action Technologies emulate the motion and materials of Nature.

“Water Vortices have long been understood as water’s way of self-cleaning and energizing itself and the environment,” Butts explains.

The basics of the technology utilize a specific flow form geometry to establish a balanced vortex motion within the water. A double helix is induced into the water – the reason rivers and streams in nature always alternate between left and right turns.

Trever Andrew and Jonathan Butts are looking to shift the paradigm and the conversation toward responsible water stewardship and sustainability.

“Our biggest problem with water is that it has become political. Governments are not working with the best innovation and technology,” Trever Andrew, Founder of Sewllkwe Book, tells us.

Andrew adds that the best innovation and technology look to the answers that Nature provides.

Corroborating that sentiment, Jonathan Butts, CEO of Natural Action Technologies, references the work of Viktor Schauberger.

In the 1930’s Schauberger stated:
    “The way we move water will simply destroy our entire environment, through depletion of the water’s energy, which sets up a diseased condition that will grow rampant and eventually reach the populations of the globe 100 years from now or sooner.”

And here we are.

What Schauberger meant was that our water crises would not be a result of a buildup of toxins but rather a result of moving water incorrectly with centrifugal pumps in straight pipes. This “unnatural” course forces water to carry a “toxic signature”.

In Nature as water twists, turns, and tumbles it gathers energy, organizing and purifying itself and the surrounding environment

Divorced from Nature, modern civilization has adapted a mechanistic approach to water. Water, in this view is described chemically as H2O. With the view that chemicals are found in H2O, governmental standards allow for certain levels of toxicity within water.

“What science considers the quality of water is the quantity of chemical constituents.”

However, it is the “depletion of the water’s energy” that Andrew and Butts acknowledge as the source point of our modern-day water dilemma.

“Is there a living quality to this energy that we do not yet understand?” Butts questions. If we look to the few places on Earth where pristine water flows down a mountainside, for example, the water twists and turns over rocks creating a vortex while also connecting with the Earth’s magnetism. The water is pure.

It is alive.

“Water is that which gives us life,” Andrew says. “Why have we become so intent on destroying it? “If we could all understand the mystical, inexplicable life force of water we would treat it more reverently. I can’t even explain it myself. Physics does not explain it for me. Water is beyond science.”

Butts adds, “Before we can apply future technologies to industrial applications, we must understand and respect our most gifted resource.”

Calling it “authentic intelligence” Butts explains his own research. “I realized all forms of modern computing intelligence already existed in water.

“Everything we have conceived and achieved with computer advancements are a fraction of the capabilities, which already exist in water. Water is the software capable of altering its environment -- the hardware. What water conceives is highly intelligent.”

With that level of awe and respect, both men are working to crack the code that will allow water to do what it knows how to do.

Solutions Begin in the Watershed

“Water plants only deal with water after it has entered the plant,” Andrew says. “That is not the place to problem-solve.

“In a watershed there are homes, hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, hospitals, industries, farms. These are the source points. Everyone in the watershed is contributing to the water’s signature and taking back from the water what has been emptied into it.

“If everyone could realize and understand the give and take of water then the responsibility would become obvious. Our relationship and responsibility to water go hand in hand", he says.

Biomimicry – copying Nature – is a solution that Butts looks to by replicating the lesson of the pristine mountain stream.

“Placing boulders and rocks in that river or lake that feeds the water plant; or changing the curve of a bank; or planting trees – these are all ways to assist Nature in bringing water back to life.”

Andrew points out that information collected from a watershed at multiple points would have to be analyzed. Normally this would take an enormous amount of effort, time, and expense.

Sewllkwe Book eliminates all obstacles by offering data and appropriate, manageable solutions in real time. “We would immediately know where to place those rocks or alter the river bank to correct the water’s course, allowing it to do what it knows best.”

The app would also diagnose the toxins that have resulted from agricultural runoff, irresponsible/illegal chemical dumping, pharmaceuticals, and wastewater mismanagement.

“There are certain minerals that could be added to the water,” Butts says. “They have the ability to bind to the toxins which would then settle out.”

Sewllkwe Book gives everyone in the watershed ownership of the water that comes out of their own tap. It becomes a relationship.

In articulating his own relationship with water, Andrew says, “I have never met anything more powerful than water. I have become so intimate with water that I understand it’s not the water that is hurting us. It’s us hurting the water.

“We have to come to terms with the realization that...

“Water gives life and it can take life.”

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