November 29, 2023

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Crime Report

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New York State CrimeBox for the week of November 14-20, 2022

New York State CrimeBox

For the week of Nov 14-20, 2022

“This year marks five decades of the Clean Water Act and the preservation of our most precious natural resource. As cities and states nationwide grapple with a lack of safe and accessible water for our most vulnerable communities, we cannot afford to take access to clean water for granted. As a public servant, as a New Yorker, and as a citizen of our shared earth, I am renewed in my commitment to protecting and upholding the critical protections of the Clean Water Act.”  New York Attorney General Letitia James

Historic Case Summary Fiscal Year 2020: CR_3183

Wastewater plant equipment fails, solids discharged to Lake Ontario

The former Superintendent of the Oswego Wastewater Treatment Plant pled guilty to violating the Clean Water Act in 2015 when his negligent operation of the plant resulted in several discharges of sewage solids over a period of five months.

The equipment responsible for removing sewage solids from the wastewater stream had broken down in December 2014, the court heard.  The Superintendent did not take action to repair or replace the broken equipment, nor was the problem reported to the NYDEC.  Over a period of five months, discharges containing sewage solids were made to Lake Ontario from Oswego Wastewater Treatment plant with contaminant concentration at 60 times the level allowed by its discharge permit.

Probation: 2 years;  Federal Fine: $1000  Community Service:  200 hours


“Under the Clean Water Act, it is a crime for anyone to knowingly dump pollutants into a waterway of the United States without a permit or in violation of a permit.” EPA Case Summary CR_2894 (2016)


SDWA Compliance for the week of Nov 14-20-22     94.4%*

(*NY drinking water facilities currently in compliance with Safe Drinking Water Act)

8279 Drinking Water Facilities

  • 460 with Current Violations (down by 70 facilities from last week)
  • 51 with Significant Violations (down by 61 facilities)
  • 524 with Formal Enforcement Actions (in the last 5 yrs) (up by 14)
  • 1 Criminal Prosecution under the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • 28,876 NYS residents served by facilities with significant violations


51 NY Drinking Water Facilities with Significant Violations include:

*denotes new listing

Blue Mingo Grill*, pop 40 (Otsego)

Budget Inn* (in Oneonta), pop 33 (Otsego)

Catskill Village, pop 8000 (Greene)

Chaffee Water Co*, pop 200 (Erie)

Checkers Out Speedway*, pop 42 (Montgomery)

Cheerful Valley Campground*, pop 108 (Ontario)

Cobble Pond Farms*, pop 27 (Dutchess)

Cobleskill Water District*, pop 500 (Schoharie)

Country Convenience (Kapis – Goshen)*, 124 (Orange)

Creekside Pub*, pop 30 (Orange)

David L Bean Property*, pop 32 (Duchess)

El Patron*, pop 80 (Orange)

Fonda Waterworks, population 1080 (Mohawk River Watershed, Montgomery)

Graze Dining Services*, pop 70 (Orange)

Herkimer Village*, pop 7606 (Herkimer)

Hidden Inn Trailer Park*, pop 35 (Steuben)

Highland Falls Village, population 5400 (Orange)

Hounsfield Water District 2*, pop 725 (Jefferson)

Hume Sandford Water Supply*, pop 75 (Allegany)

Iron Forge Inn*, pop 50 (Orange)

Izzys Apartments*, pop 28 (Jefferson)

Long Island Game Farm*, pop 200 (Suffolk)

Mapletree Apts*, pop 30 (Albany)

McCarthy Ranch Campground*, pop 30 (Allegany)

Mirabito #69 Tim Hortons/Subway*, pop 25 (Otsego)

Mt. Orange Trailer Park*, pop 30 (Orange)

Old Farm Hill Water District, population 1768 (Westchester)

Onondaga Nation Water System, population 1000 (Oswego)

Party Beverages*, pop 50 (Orange)

Pasarella Pizzeria Inc*, pop 25 (Oswego)

Peru Rod & Gun Club*, pop 200 (Clinton)

Pine Grove Mobile Home Park*, pop 340 (Orange)

Preet Bar and Grill*, pop 48 (Orange)

Quick Mart II*, pop 300 (Orange)

Red Maple Lane*, pop 33 (Greene)

Rensselaer Ville Water District*, pop 300 (Albany)

Seagers Mobile Home Park*, pop 42 (Steuben)

Sidney Golf and Country Club*, pop 50 (Delaware)

Sleepy Hollow Golf and Country Club*, pop 120 (Oneida)

Toms Tavern II*, pop 75 (Montgomery)

Tooties IV*, pop 100 (Orange)

Treangelina Restaurant*, pop 25 (Orange)

Village Park Apartments, population 500 (Dutchess)

Warwick Conference Centre*, pop 150 (Orange)

Westtown Plaza*, pop 35 (Orange)

Wilna T Water District 1*, pop 240 (Jefferson)


The following drinking water facilities have been removed from the significant violations list:

Cobleskill Water District, population 500 (Mohawk River Watershed, Schoharie)

Lowville Village, population 4000 (Lewis)

Middle Island Country Club, population 1000 (Atlantic/LIS Watershed, Suffolk)

Pamelia Town Water System, population 1000 (Jefferson)

Poestenkill Water District#1, population 752 (Rensselaer)

Tarrytown Water Supply, population 11,000 (Westchester)

Watertown Town Water District 3 & D, population 750 (Black River Watershed)

Westchester County Water District #3, population 6000 (Westchester)



NYS Spill Hotline 1-800-457-7362

Under State law and regulations, spills that could pollute the lands or waters of the state must be reported within 2 hours of discovery.

NYS Spill Hotline 1-800-457-7362

Under State law and regulations, spills that could pollute the lands or waters of the state must be reported within 2 hours of discovery.

Spills we are tracking the week of Nov 14-20, 2022:

Atlantic Ocean – Long Island Sound watershed:

  • Nov 8 Perfluorooctane Sulfonate spill reported at National Blvd in Medford – Suffolk County

Lower Hudson River Watershed:

  • Nov 7 1790 gallons of dielectric fluid reported spilled at Midland Ave and Mile Square Rd in Yonkers – Westchester County


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